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A Shopping cart trolleys are wheeled carts that are provided by shops or stores, particularly supermarkets, to transport goods inside the shop. When customers can collect more items, they are more likely to buy larger quantities in a single trip. which improves store profitability. The majority of the time, customers can then use the cart to transfer their purchases to their vehicles, but some carts are made to prevent them from leaving the store or the parking lot.

By magnetically locking the wheels, you can park in a designated spot. Customers are encouraged to leave their shopping carts in designated areas of the parking lot in many locations throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Store employees will then bring the carts back to the entrances. In some locations, locking mechanisms that connect carts need to be unlocked by inserting a coin or token. The coin is given to the customer after the cart is put back where it belongs.

Studies have shown that due to the high levels of bacteria that ordinarily reside on shopping carts, it is advised for customers to sanitise the handles and basket areas before handling them or loading them with groceries. Due to the fact that the carts have a exposure to the skin flora of former users at a high level.